Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Broken-Hearted Fan

*In my best Skylar Grey voice*…I need a doctor…I need a doctor…. Guys, there’s a hole in my heart I can’t patch. Yes, I can eat, drink and sleep. There’s no way I can deprieve myself of these things. But that doesn't mean I don't feel the pain! It’s like I’ve been backstabbed by my bestfriend, it’s like someone that wasn’t me ate the last fried chicken in the box, it’s like I gave my seat to a pregnant woman and I have to keep standing in a journey that will take hours.

I used to mock football fans who acted as if the world had ended when their favorite team had lost, but then, on Friday last week some Italian journeywoman ejected Serena Williams from the US Open, a round away from the final. That’s when I realized I had been fooling myself all my life, I’m as much a stan as they are ! 

This defeat shook me so hard I had to check the scoreboard several times to make sure there wasn’t a mistake, that it was really, really real. But it was, Serena Jameka Williams had indeed lost to some random chick (DEAR LORD WHY ?! WHY ?! I NEED AN ANSWER !). Perhaps, this was god’s way of punishing me for having made fun of other sport fans for so long. I like to believe it was. 

I have some questions though. They will never be answered but doesn’t mean I can’t ask them anyway. I get to have that at least. Why did that Italian had to show up on that day ? Couldn’t she let Serena steamroll her ? Didn’t she realize history was on the line ? I swear people sometimes…
Picture by Ian Gambon under CC BY 2.0 license

In the face of this unexpected hardship, I completely withdrew from the (tennis) world. I pretended and still am pretending that the tennis journalists I follow on Twitter do not exist. There’s this place called TennisForum, it’s a forum where every tennis geek accross the world gather to talk tennis (read bash the tennis players they don’t like). Until exactly nine days ago, I was connected on this forum seven days a week almost 24 hours a day. Now ? I’m letting myself a month so that I can mend the hurt.

I think that me and my fellow Willyfan must be more saddened than Serena’s family. That’s pretty deep or pretty disturbing depending on which side you choose to lean on.

The gods of tennis played too much with my feelings this September. To add insult to injury, on the men side, Novak Djokovic won the US Open against Roger Federer.  And I can’t stand Djokovic. Like I immediately root for his opponent. Petty of me ? I know, I know.
Should I pre—

Guys, guys, guys ! I think I got it. Finally, a bit of light in the midst of this storm. I know what to do.

US OPEN 2015  DID. NOT. HAPPEN. It simply didn’t. I refute its existence. That’s it. Serena couldn’t have lost if she didn’t play, right ? Mwhahahaha. Sneaky me.

But more seriously, I really wished Serena would have won this US Open. She’s already the greatest tennis player ever in my book but on paper, now it would have become indiscutable. Besides, having a black woman achieve so much in a sport dominated by white people would have meant a lot for the black community…That’s life I guess *shrug*. God had other plans and Serena is already incredible anyway. 

*For those who don’t follow tennis. If Serena had lifted the US Open’s trophey, it would have been her 23rd Grand Slam win. Also, she would have won 5 Grand Slams in a row, a feast that very, very players have been able to achieve. 

What do you think, is my love for Serena too deep? Is there someone or a team you love so much that it makes you feel miserable when they lose? Or do you think fans take way too seriously their favorite team/athlete/ celebrities? 


  1. Selena Williams is one of my favourite tennis players as well. Actually, I think she IS my favourite! I also don't like the man you really dislike (he has a long name lol) and I think we have a similar taste in tennis players :P I am actually not a fan of Murray even though he plays so well too.

  2. That's great to know you're a fellow Serena Williams fan. She's most definitely my favorite! I actually kind of like Murray but I have to admit he has a terrible attitude at time, lol.

  3. This made me smile. I don't follow tennis much, but even as I read this post I could feel some of the disappointment that you must have felt. I mean, she was so close, so close. I can understand why that would be maddening.

    1. Yes that's the thing she was soooo close, I thought it was a done deal or at least close to be done. This prove that in sport nothing is over until the very last point is played. Thanks for commenting!


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